What in fact does the term "social responsibility" mean?

If we look at the literal meaning of the term, the message is that companies are assuming the role of the state regarding the distribution of income, improvement of living conditions of the population and other social issues of relevance. Indeed, the vision of social responsibility of business is broader and more than the moral values that it carries with it or their culture.

A company needs, increasingly, invest in the recognition, training and qualification of its employees. This translates into commitment on satisfaction with productivity and quality. This is the focus of Landirenzo.

We invest in training and the satisfaction of our employees with programs to encourage the study of language and access to university education. The company invests, for example, in employees’ feeding programs, and anti-smoking activities.

The most important policy of social responsibility of Landirenzo, however, is in its own business to which it is engaged. Developing and producing systems for the use of cleaner energy affects not only the community where our units are found, but in each vehicle or engine that uses our equipment instead of a more polluting fuel. Thus, the Landirenzo benefits not only people but the whole environment.

Our products are among the most efficient in controlling the emission of pollutants. Each investment we make in research and development of new products or improving the existing products, loads the concern and the focus on reducing the emission of pollutants and on increasing energy efficiency and after all, that ensures the sustainability of the company.

We know that alone we will not save the world, but we do our part. in a very serious way.

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