Multi Point Sequential Injection

New Multipoint Sequential injection system

The Landirenzo OMEGAS sequential injection system is the new generation of systems for converting gasoline into CNG. The principle by which the ECU OMEGAS  determines the time of injection that are performed in the gas injector is based on obtaining, during operation by gas, the times of injection of gasoline in impedances of the internal  emulation to ECU OMEGAS itself. Therefore, the control of the engine is done by the gasoline central while the central core of gas must deal with transforming the commands generated by  gasoline to the injectors, in appropriate commands for the gas injectors. From the standpoint of maintaining consistency with the perfect gas, the ECU OMEGAS makes the injection of gas in the cylinder which was obtained on the time of injection of gasoline. In an  informal way, we can say that the central gas converts a certain amount of energy that should be released by gasoline for a corresponding quantity of energy that will actually be released by the gas. Conversion of times of injection by gasoline to the injection times by gas is held on a number of parameters, obtained by the ECU gas, beyond the times of injection of gas,  the gas pressure in the rail of injectors, the gas temperature, water temperature,  temperature of the engine, rotation of the engine and battery voltage.

Landirenzo OMEGAS can use 3 types of injectors according to the characteristics of the engine to be installed.

Landirenzo OMEGAS Operation System

The starting takes place with gasoline and, in emergency conditions, there is the option of starting directly with gas through the switch. After the drive has been made, if the switch is in position gas, OMEGA ECU controls the conditions that must be checked for the switching.  The LPG, stored in the cylinder, comes regulated from the reducer with a pressure of 2 bar relatively to  pressure in  the admission collector.  After the minimum temperature of the engine to perform the switching has been achieved, the electro valve opens onto the reducer. Once they find the other terms of passage (minimum of speed, acceleration), the system switches to gas.

At that time, the petrol injectors will be shut and ECU of the gas starts to control the gas injectors.

The ECU OMEGAS reads each times of the injection of gasoline and translates it to a time of injection of gas to control the related injector  that is mounted in correspondence of the same cylinder. The exact calibration of the map, obtained using the Landirenzo software, is made so that it is not necessary to perform a  calibration gas in particular, and everything is taken care by the calibration of gasoline.

Electronic  Central Landirenzo OMEGAS / OMEGAS Plus

The strategy of the electronic administration is stored in a map for the management of the gas injectors defined by the values of the rotation of the engine and by the times of injection of gasoline in terms of reference.

The pressure sensors of the gas and temperature of the  gas are part of the system and produce direct signals to the central, and are  necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The water temperature sensor, installed outside the reducer provides a signal used to establish the gasoline-gas transition after the starting of the engine. This flow also takes place according to the time elapsed from the starting of the engine and its rotation. .

Furthermore, the system includes strategies for diagnosis and foresees the automatic transition onto gasoline in case of failure. There are two versions of the central for engines with 3 / 4 or 5/6/8 cylinders.

Gas Filters

It is positioned between the reducer and the rail of injectors and their function is to filter the LPG (in the gas phase) or CNG.

The filter contains a cartridge, which provides a filtering capacity of 80 m. The maximum operating pressure is 250 kPa.

Switch indicator

Electronic control module, which functions are:
Select gas / gasoline (alcohol) in 2 positions, indicating the fuel is being used by the means of two LEDS  - displaying  the amount of gas in the cylinder by means of 5 LEDS. 

Furthermore, the switch has a sound that works under the following conditions: switch to gasoline due to  low pressure, switch to gasolinel due to the diagnosis.

Rail of Injectors 

The CNG, or LPG, coming from the filter,  feeds the injectors and, when properly dosed, gets out of them and reaches the collector of admission and the engine. The injectors are driven by the central ECU gas. The rail may have 2, 3 or 4 injectors to cover the range of possible applications. In the set of injectors signs of pressure and temperature on gas are collected. The control of injectors is a "peak and hold" type.

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